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Hardware as a service

We pay for the hardware, so you don't have to.

HaaS Features

Full replacement of your exiting hardware 


The latest firmware

 and regular updates 


So easy your IT team can setup in no time, or talk to us about our setp fees


Training & support

options available 



Replace old clunky hardware from our range of Voip phones


Flexibile & scaleable

We scale your hardware, as you scale your business

Full list of features
No Contracts

No contracts

With iTelco's Haas service, we don't lock you into pesky contracts to keep you locked in. 

If you decide to cancel, simply return the hardware*

*Terms and Conditions apply

Easy to setup

Its so easy, anyone in the office can setup the hardware! Simply plug the phones into the internet via PoE or an power adapter and your away. 

We provide you with the settings and the instructions on how to setup and customise each phone. we'll also work with you to the right structure for your business. 

Our online help articles have all the information you need to help you get started.


We also offer a installation service and setup the hardware for you, get in touch to find out more

Out with the old, in with the new

Your old telephony system is most likely costing you lots of time and money, not to mention the high cost of calls!


With iTelco's advanced PBX features, you can replace your old hardware solution in a fraction of the price, compared to replacing or even maintaining your current solution.


We will replace any hardware that becomes obsolete, with the latest technology 

*Terms and Conditions apply

Up to date firmware

We provide up to date firmware upgrades, meaning when improvements are made, there are no additional costs to your existing plans and services*

*Terms and Conditions apply

Training provided​​

Want someone in your team to be the specialist? We can train your selected employees to be the owners and administrators of your site, this allows you take full control of your own settings and make changes as your business requires. 

Flexible & Scaleable

Whether its 10 users or 20, you can increase or decrease your requirements at any stage, we work with you to help you build your business and ensure you the hardware you need to when you need it! 

Training provided
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