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Managed IT Services

24 hour
Remote Support


Managed Security Services




Managed Voice & Telco Services


Managed Services

Manage your costs and ensure your business operations run smootly

Minimise the pressure on your internal team and leverage our team of engineers and technicians. New Era Technology provides a wide range of services for small, medium and enterprise-sized businesses, allowing you to scale your IT services as needed.

You’ll gain access to experienced support technicians and engineers when you need them, for a fraction of what it would cost to expand your team.

Managed Services designed to suit your business

  • Full management and monitoring of all of your IT infrastructure

  • Managed Network Services

  • Managed Services with included security measures such as firewall, anti-virus and data encryption

  • Helpdesk support to suit your business, including remote, onsite and flexible support options

  • Insight into network performance with regular reporting

  • Infrastructure as a service

  • Managed Voice Services

Swap to a Single Invoice Approach

We can give you a single invoice that covers all your key elements of IT; including security, helpdesk, your Microsoft Software and more.

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